About Miss Rose

Miss Rose

Miss Rose and company

I am Rose, the founder and educator at Art Barn.

I am an artist, potter, passionate gardener and landscaper. After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art with a degree in Ceramics, I taught pottery to both adults and children at small art centers and at MIT. My first full time teaching position was in the Brookline Public After School Program. The school’s full time Art Teacher recommended I apply to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts where she also taught. It is there that I earned my Masters of Fine Arts in Teaching. As a graduate student, I was chosen to teach children’s art classes at the Museum of Fine Arts.

I am a self taught gardener; for me, gardening is art. It involves color, light, and life cycles. My gardening began with a love for flowers and has evolved into a way of life where I eat the food I grow, and find a personal haven in my own yard.

For the last twenty years,  I have been an art teacher in the Boston Public Schools. I have taught a variety of age groups; throughout these experiences, I have become specialized in teaching very young children. I am excited to share my love for art and nature with young children and stimulate their development, creativity, and curiosity.

9 thoughts on “About Miss Rose

  1. Your school sounds so great! We will try to come to the next Open House. Thanks! Our twins are 2.6 (birthday June 22) so I’m not sure if they’ll meet the age requirement. Hopefully they will. Thanks!

  2. We are interested in having my daughter’s 6th birthday party at the art barn in April! How do I best reach you to discuss?

  3. Hello Rosie, I have a 7 and 4 year old who would love to do art classes but asked to go at their own pace/not “have” to paint what everyone else is painting. Do you ever offer classes like this please? Thanks!

    • Hello, I believe that we spoke on the phone but I just saw this message unanswered and so I wasted to respond incase I had you mixed up with someone else. My classes are designed to offer kids instruction with materials and freedom to explore. My next camp in on Aug 3rd. Let me know it you are interested. 617 780 7730
      Thanks, Rosie

  4. Hi Rose, I found your site when my daughter was just a few months old and knew I wanted her to go to the Art Barn when she was old enough 🙂
    She is 15months old and my current care on Thursdays is expecting in May so she will be done with us (probably in April). Would you have availability on Thursdays (9am-4pm) ?

    • Hello Jennifer, How nice that you think so highly of Art Barn. I would be delighted to meet you and your daughter and give you the grand tour. There is a possibility of a spot being open come April, if not then I anticipate openings as of June. Give me a call and we can discuss further. Thanks, Rose 617 780 7730

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