Our Day

Our Day

8 00 -8 45 Arrival
Choice activities that will vary from day to day – Drawing, Cutting, Books, Dolls, Magnifying glass with bugs… Free play!!!

10 00

Clean up, Bathroom


 10 30


11 00 Art activity
Every day we will spend  time exploring different Art materials and techniques. Children will be encouraged to experiment. Our goal is not to make “ an Art project”, but to make Art by discovery, develop skills and ultimately design individual unique work that reflects each childs own intent and interests.

11 30-12 30 Outside Play
We may garden, Ride bikes, Blow bubbles, Chase butterflies, Draw with sidewalk chalk, dig for worms… PLAY!!!

12 30-1 00 Lunch

1 00- 130


1 30 Nap

Wake up. Out side play or Art centers,  Puzzles, Books, Music… PLAY!!!

4 00-4 30 Pick up


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